Our Research and Development people apply their in-depth knowledge, skills, and imagination to create improved design, materials, methods, and products. Our extensive research and testing capability is one more resource that helps us bring innovative ideas to the production floor. Whether it's exploring new ways to help you solve existing problems, or assisting you in developing proprietary products, we can produce answers and solutions that give you competitive advantages. Your product will reach market faster at lower costs.

Material Selection

AECL is experienced in solving problems; this includes suggesting which material is suited to your particular application. We can mix a variety of materials and help with selection.Our customized Mixing speeds delivery time and improves overall quality.

Natural Rubber

Offers good tear and abrasion qualities. Very good tensile strength and resilience.

EPDM Rubber

This rubber has good resistance to heat, ozone and sunlight resistant. It also retains remains good flexibility at low temperatures.

Neoprene Rubber

This is a generic, versatile rubber. with moderate oil, resistance and good flame, resistance characteristics, and has some ozone resistance.

Nitrile Rubber

Excellent superior resistance to petroleum- based hydraulic fluids., and very good resistance to both gasoline and oil.

SB Rubber

Good impact strength while retaining flexibility flexible at low temperatures. This all-purpose rubber is typically generally least expensive, making it a great all purpose rubber.

Butyl Rubber

A synthetic rubber, or elastomer, that is impermeable to air and used when an airtight rubber is required.